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    Default Orion Catalog Offerings

    "Stephen Paul" <> wrote in message

    Maybe that's because American companies have become so damn greedy that they
    refuse to market specialized things, like astro equipment, at reasonable
    prices. Costs $200 to make and they up the price to $2000.


    There's no proof of that, is there? It's probably true that they pay their
    laborers the minimum, but even if you stopped buying, is that really going
    to change anything? Remember, we're talking communist China here.


    Sorry, but not always. In fact, it's becoming more often NOT the case.
    True, Chinese companies lack quality controls that American firms have, but
    they are making progress. The American firms, in response to the lower
    prices and consumers going for those lower prices, should be seeing red
    flags and drop the prices on their stuff, but will they? Probably not.

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    Default Orion Catalog Offerings

    "Alan French" <> wrote in message news:<eUbPc.82814$>. ..

    I agree that Orion does offer equipment that is much better than what
    one would find at Walmart, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of
    their telescopes or accessories to a beginner.
    I just don't understand why they go through the trouble of bringing in
    items that dedicated amateurs consider higher end equipment and only
    offering them for a catalog or two. If we buy these things from
    Anacortes, Astronomics or other places instead, a trend which must be
    painfully obvious to them by now if its so, then why offer such
    equipment in the first place?
    Is it meant to keep the interest of those dedicated amateurs? If the
    catalog kept only featuring the good but mainly beginner (or
    "advanced" beginner) telescopes, would the guy with the Obsession or
    Astro-Physics scope bother to look whenever it came out? I probably
    wouldn't. Perhaps they need these items as "curiosity" pieces.
    I haven't been getting the Orion catalog nearly as long as some people
    here but I do remember them carrying Vixen refractors and Pentax XLs
    for quite a while.
    They were commited to these items, but now they (seem to) only commit
    to Syntas. Why the change? Profit margin?
    I just ordered my PST from Orion when I saw it in the last catalog. I
    can't believe that it will still be offered in the Holiday catalog,
    even though it is a low-priced item that many serious beginners would
    be interested in, simply because its not made by Synta.

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    Default Orion Catalog Offerings

    Jon Kickerston wrote:

    I thing you malign "American companies" unfairly. They turn out quality
    products and they put the effort into them to make them so. As a
    result, the cost is not so low as you assume. And you do get what you
    pay for (mostly). I think we are quite fortunate to have the range of
    options we to today. Not so 30-40 years back.

    A vast oversimplification, reflecting none of the changes in the past
    decade. I've done business there, and they are far from monolithic as
    the word "communist" once implied. A painful process, though: Orion
    earns every dollar they make by selling PRC procucts :-)


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    Phil Wheeler Guest

    Default Orion Catalog Offerings

    Bill wrote:

    Maybe a catalog or two is the "reverse engineering" period :-)

    Or perhaps they are just catching the wave(e.g., the PST) of the
    intitial demand.

    I suspect so. I think price range is also a factor. So they carry the
    PST but not the more expensive Coronado H-Alpha products.

    I give the PST at least a year. Or, assuming they cannot buy the
    equivalent from a "Synta", it may be around for a long time.

    Personally, I value Orion. Their catalog is a useful reference when
    considering (in particular) accessories. I may not buy there (e.g., my
    most recent purchase was two EPs from UO), but still a good benchmark.


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    Jon Kickerston Guest

    Default Orion Catalog Offerings

    "Phil Wheeler" <> wrote in message

    Perhaps I was a little rough when I used the "d" word. It's true that
    American companies are producing far better products, on the whole, than
    China but, with training and guidance, the Chinese are catching up. Yes, we
    get what we pay for- the EQ-6 has a long way to go before it's like a
    Losmandy or Vixen, but they're working on it.

    Yeah maybe.


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    Jon Isaacs Guest

    Default Orion Catalog Offerings

    >Such support and business success can only lead to more of the same from
    Orion, and may one day lead to the same from many (if not most) others
    retailing in

    The logic here is that the only successful business model is Orion's, I don't
    believe that at all. The idea of the market is that one finds a niche. It
    seems to me that one cannot fault Orion for dropping the high end products , I
    am sure were they making a profit on them, they would still be around.

    I believe Orion plays an important role in the marketplace, they provide decent
    quality equipment and innovative designs for the budget conscious astronomer.
    Yes, AP and TV are nice products and there will always be a demand for them,
    but if one were stuck spending that kind of money for a scope, there would be
    far few amateurs than there currently are.

    Unlike Meade and Celestron, Orion seems to make sure that even their least
    expensive scopes are outfitted with acceptable eyepieces etc.

    A few things to consider:

    1. Where are TV eyepieces manufactured??

    2. If you are uncomfortable buying something from Mainland China, GS scopes
    (Hardin Optical, Celestron DOBs) are Taiwanese.

    3. A few years ago, Orion dropped their most of their high end stuff, Vixen
    imports etc. But as far as I can remember, the only high end stuff they have
    taken on and then dropped in the last couple of years were the binoculars. My
    guess is that their mark up was too much and they were just not selling em.


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    mickey_g Guest

    Default Orion Catalog Offerings

    "Stephen Paul" <> wrote in message

    Yep! Paying to sustain a bunch of sick, inbred, overweight assholes who
    invade other countries at will for ficticious reasons. I would MUCH rather
    give my money to the Chinese than the US of Assholes, the land of the free
    that was built by its slaves. Death to all you Yankee gringo bastards and
    your terrorist, rogue government! A red hot steel pipe up all your asses,

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    Jmpngtiger Guest

    Default Orion Catalog Offerings

    I think Orion had the exclusive US rights to sell the Vixen line, rebadged as
    Orion, now they don't. Now they have the exclusive rights to the Skywatcher
    line from Synta, rebadged as Orion, and so this becomes their focus.

    Now Vixen is available from many US suppliers. But if you want Skywatcher,
    guess what. Orion. Or buy from a dealer in Canada. Or pay more for the same
    or similar item rebadged as Celestron.


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    Default Orion Catalog Offerings

    I think you can answer your own quastion. Will it maike a difference if
    get 10,000 answers? Will Orion change their polocies to satisfy you?
    Why did you post?

    Bill wrote:


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