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    Default Seibert Optics...

    Anyone know anything about their eyepieces? They don't seem to get too much
    attention and I was wondering if there was a reason for that.



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    Default Seibert Optics...

    Hi Mike,

    I have had great experiences with many of Harry's EPs in the past. Good
    optics for good prices. Harry is an all around great and honest dealer as
    well. I have Radians, Naglers, etc in the case now so rarely use the
    Seiberts but I did kept a couple around and often have used for public star
    events and loaners for beginners.

    Go to:
    Select Astronomy - Eyepieces
    Then go to "H" for Harry Seibert"
    You will find reviews on many of his EPs.

    Hope this helps.


    "Mike Fitterman" <> wrote in message

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    Default Seibert Optics...

    Mike Fitterman nous a écrit :

    I have a 19mm Superwide Angle from H. Siebert.
    Nice eyepiece, with a sharp view over all the FOV (I use it with a C8).
    A little bit less bright than a Pentax, but much much cheaper too
    Light eyepiece too, what could be important if you have a Dobson.

    Norbert. (no X for the answer)
    knowing the universe - stellar and galaxies evolution
    images of the sky

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    Default Seibert Optics...

    "Norbert" <Xnorbert.rumiano@numericable.frX> wrote in message

    Yeah, decent stuff, kind of a Paul Rini for the new millenium. Except Paul
    never really went away:

    Ed T.

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    Default Seibert Optics...

    I have a 7 of his eyepieces, all are good value for the money, but two to
    me really stand out, his 29mm Long eye relief (no longer made but he still
    sells these in other sizes) its the only one of this type I have, its a
    favourite of mine for galaxies and I often have to go a get it back from
    other observers at our clubs observing nights, and his WA 4.9mm, really good
    on the planets and moon.


    "Mike Fitterman" <> wrote in message

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    Default Seibert Optics...

    "Mike Fitterman" <> wrote in message

    The reason could be insufficient funds for advertising. Remember that these
    smaller "mom n' pop" businesses tend to not have the money of the biggies,
    so word just doesn't get out as well about their products. That being said,
    I really like my Seibert eyepieces. Very nice quality at a reasonable
    price. More than enough quality for most viewing. However, if you're an
    "eyepiece junkie", you may be able to knit pick and find a few fallicies,
    but for most of us they are a-ok.

    -Ryan Walters

    I lost 127 pounds five years ago on the Atkins diet. A low carb diet IS the
    way to eliminating the diabetes epidemic.



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