Observing Report: Dillingham Field, Mokuleia, Hawaii 22 May. Seeing: 8
Trans: 7

On Saturday night we enjoyed occasionally clear skies (albeit several large
passing clouds) with very good seeing. Just after sunset Sirius peeked
through the blue, and Comet LINEAR was visible (about 2.5 deg. south) in
binoculars... very large and fuzzy. There wasn't enough contrast to see it
naked eye, but I'm sure it would be easily naked eye visible in a dark sky.

Comet NEAT was easy to spot naked eye as it formed a right triangle with
Alpha lyncis and 38 Lyncis (about 1.5 deg. below 38 Lyncis). In binoculars
it revealed a very bright nucleus, a large coma and a broad fuzzy tail.

The crescent moon also created a "bow tie" asterism with the moon being the
knot, and Castor, Pollux, Saturn and Mars defining the outer points of the
"bows." A pleasant time was had by all.