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    Default How do I - Dew Solutions

    Well, the night started well but the Telrad dewed up after only about
    30 minutes, the Finder after about an hour, and, when I checked the
    main scope after about 2 hours, I found the corrector plate dewed. I
    always use a dew shield but it wasn't enough tonight. I was ready,
    willing, and able to continue but the optics were done for the night.
    I packed it in. The telescope is still air drying downstairs before I
    put it away.

    I had considered a Kendrick Dew Heater and am now considering it
    again. Are there any other options other than a dew heater and a dew
    shield? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Default How do I - Dew Solutions

    A dew heater is the best and most aggressive solution. One could use a
    blower (like a hair drier) and this works well, but this is only a part-time
    solution, as in 10 or 15 minutes the dew is back.


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    Default How do I - Dew Solutions

    >Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Some alternatives:

    1. Dew heater (most reasonable)

    2. Hair dryer (works on finders, eyepiecs, telrads can corrector plates and is

    3 Newtonian (Newts do dew up on occasion but it is rare in comparison.)

    4. Head for the mountains. It is rare that there is a dew problem up in the
    Lagunas and they were pretty amazing last night, what with the naked eye comet
    and the clear dark skies. (This is the best soluton, most expensive time wise
    but worth it.)


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    Default How do I - Dew Solutions

    Being basically lazy, I'll probably go with this option. I think
    there are options for eyepiece heaters as well. Of course, all this
    eats power...

    Next weekend I'm off to TDS.



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