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    Default Comet NEAT Comes into View in Pennsylvania!

    After a long wait, a rather large group of Astronomical Society of
    Harrisburg ( members and individuals taking our
    Spring 2004 Introductory to Astronomy Class gathered at our Naylor
    Observatory in Lewisberry, PA on May 5, 2004 and viewed Comet NEAT Q4
    shortly after the sun set. By around 9:50 or so the Comet had set
    below the Horizon. The Comet will be getting higher and higher from
    the Western Horizon as each day passes.

    We didn't notice any tail but a nice diffuse Coma was visible that was
    about 3rd Magnitude.

    The comet stuck out like a sore thumb through my 15X70 binoculars and
    through smaller binoculars was an easy pickup as well.

    I also viewed the Comet through a pair of 20X80's belonging to Bob
    Hoover and a Short Tube 80 belonging to Rob Altenburg. Both of these
    individuals ventured out a week or so earlier with me to view Comet
    Bradfield. We enjoyed comparing this view to that of Bradfield.
    Bradfield had a fairly small coma and a nice tail, while this view
    yielded a rather large diffuse coma and no tail.

    It'll be nice to follow this Comet over the next 2 weeks and see how
    things change!

    It was an easy find on the Western Horizon just taking the binoculars
    and putting them on Sirius in Canis Major and scanning to the South in
    a straight line right near the tail of Canis Major and right there was
    the Comet!

    Take advantage of any clear night you have coming up and keep taking
    advantage of them to compare how Comet NEAT is changing on a day to
    day basis.

    I only hope Comet NEAT will become even NEATer.

    Ted A. Nichols II
    President - ASH

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    Default Comet NEAT Comes into View in Pennsylvania!

    I've now viewed the Comet on 3 Evenings including the one I posted in
    the original post. And I think I'll get to do some more observing of
    it tonight May 9!

    I got some nice pictures of it last night May 8th and should have
    something posted soon. They are 30 second afocal images through ASH's
    17" and 5" finderscope.

    The comet is definitely greenish in color and a very broad short
    almost un-noticeable tail is visible.

    I've had some great views of it on 2 nights now that it is higher in
    the sky through ASH's 17" f/15 Classical Cassegrain as well as our
    12.5" f/6.5 newtonian.

    A pair of binoculars shows the tail very well in my opinion.

    Ted A. Nichols II
    President - ASH



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