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    Default 6 inch TMB. Would love to hear from users out there ...

    >Subject: Re: 6 inch TMB. Would love to hear from users out there ...

    I also need to trim the fat! I have to many scopes...

    Chas P.

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    Default 6 inch TMB. Would love to hear from users out there ...

    "JJK" asked:

    Interesting question. I have not had the opportunity to look through a Zeiss,
    but I think I (meaning me, my opinion only) would have a hard time seeing
    anything that delivers a definite noticeable increase in contrast and
    correction over the 152. I am amazed with it. I would love to see through a
    Zeiss, and perhaps some day I will come across someone who has one and will
    allow me to take a peek through it.
    Then again, maybe I can't afford to do that!
    Roland C in So. Fla

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    Default 6 inch TMB. Would love to hear from users out there ...

    I thought that too. And then I bought a Zeiss 130 and was pleasantly

    "RECFLY1" wrote:

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    Default 6 inch TMB. Would love to hear from users out there ...

    waterfront wrote:

    This is because people that own them are to busy enjoying the views with

    I've owned a TMB-152 for about 4 years now. The optics are perfect as
    can be made and accept high magnification (on nights of excellent
    seeing). If I can't do 50x/inch then I consider that it a poor night of
    seeing (Jupiter as target). If one is doing lunar viewing, then pushing
    75x to 100x / inch is possible, just depends where you prefer to 'bottom

    I don't see any false color and when combined with the TMB
    SuperMonocentics(tm) the planetary / lunar images are very sharp. A
    star test looks perfect to me and the airy disk has only one dim ring
    (on nights with good seeing). Focus is very snappy.

    With the above eyepiesces, on low humidty nights, I can put Jupiter in
    the FOV and see it bright against a pure, jet black background. To me
    this is an amazing thing to look at.

    Mechanically they are well thought out. The lens cell does not pinch
    the optic etc. The baffles are deep and add to the high contrast views
    and cuts down the tube currents. The focuser is very smooth and solid
    feeling. The drawtube must be close to 1/4" thick. It couples well to
    a 6x7 medium format camera. The dew shield keeps the lens dry, even
    after the OTA is soaked with moisture. It's *so nice* ot not have to
    worry about dew.

    As to color, when I compare the TMB views to those of a 12" DOB, I don't
    see any difference in color.

    There are a lot of observing posts on the Yahoo TMB groups if your

    Anything else?


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    Default 6 inch TMB. Would love to hear from users out there ...

    "JJK" <> wrote in message news:<40951815$0$3070$>...

    In what area did you see a "pleasant surprise"? What TMB scope
    did you compare it to?
    Could it be possible that you were simply seeing the effects of a
    much slower focal ratio.
    It will be very interesting to compare the Zeiss 130 to the TMB
    130 f/9 lens that should be available later this year. Up until now
    the TMB 130 has only been available in f/6.


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    Default 6 inch TMB. Would love to hear from users out there ...

    Tim Povlick <> wrote in message news:<HNhlc.8916$>...

    With the penchant they have for censoring people's messages one
    wonders whether any bad report will get through...

    Apart from that TMBs are good value for the money.

    Andrea T.

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    Default 6 inch TMB. Would love to hear from users out there ...

    As a co-moderator of the TMB Optical group I can assure you Andrea has
    no idea about our moderation policies and seems to lack the ability to
    communicate tactfully. Maybe he could describe the extent of our "penchant
    for censoring people's messages"? No?

    Well, allow me, we've had over 15,600 messages posted to the TMB Optical
    forum and have "censored" less than 10 for sure. Let's see, as a guideline,
    thats .00064 of all the messages posted have been censored.
    Yep, sounds like a penchant to me.

    Of course, Mr. Andrea T may be miffed because a few of those 10 censored
    messages were his own. Here's a summary of each message that Andrea
    has posted (those that did get through

    1) Putting down someones decision to buy a TMB152.

    2) Putting down someones first image, and saying he could do better
    with "instrumentation 1/10th the cost"

    3) Putting down all images taken with TMB scopes.

    4) Arguing with another board member.

    5) Arguing with another board member and complaining about

    The TMB Optical group has over 1000 members. Mr. Andrea here is
    the only one complaining about censorship these days.

    Mike C

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    Richard Guest

    Default 6 inch TMB. Would love to hear from users out there ...

    Mike C <> wrote in message news:<>...

    How is this possible? A Meade 6" ED (a lighter scope) really is not
    that stable on that mount. Any breeze sets it in motion.

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    max Guest

    Default 6 inch TMB. Would love to hear from users out there ...

    Hi Joe:
    I have a TMB152 CNC tube. It is superb. I can not think of anything I
    would change. The focusing mechanism is rock solid, plenty of travel -
    it is built like a tank. Cero color in and out of focus. You name it.
    I also have a TMB100 on a vixen tube. It is very light weight but I
    got spoiled with the CNC tube. I hope I will be less critical of the
    Vixen tube when I get a feather touch focuser for it. The optics are
    the same as for the TMB152.
    I use a HD200C parallax mount (it was modified at first to handle
    145lbs but I think these modifications are now standard). I use both
    TMB´s and a C14 all together and I have had no problems whatsoever.
    I have seen the TMB side by side w/ an astrophysics. The owner of the
    AP thought the AP was better but I thought my TMB was better. I think
    it was more due to ownership pride than actual observable differences.
    At least my eyes and my expertise were not enough to tell the quality
    of the optics apart. I do however like the CNC tube much more than the
    AP´s. It is much hevier requiring a very good mount so arguments could
    be made either way.
    These are my 2 cents for what they are worth. (waterfront) wrote in message news:< com>...

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    Default 6 inch TMB. Would love to hear from users out there ...

    One may have been the f/6, but I don't recall. I would remember it if I was
    in the market for one. However, I don't need another scope (read that as my
    wife will kill me if I even think of buying another scope).

    This particular Zeiss 130 (f/7.7) has the best color correction I've seen in
    comparable aperture (and slightly larger) apos. I can't say whether the
    better color correction was due to the f-ratio because that was not
    something under my control.

    "MrGrytt" wrote:


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