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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    Does anyone have any experience with this scope? It's a celestron product. I
    have assembled everything with the 8-pack AA batteries plugged in the
    teescope. But it refses to power on. Asking for suggestions...

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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    It's probably something very simple and easily overlooked rather than a
    major malfunction. Starting from the batteries (check them too), go back
    checking every connection for the fault. If you have power where it plugs
    into the telescope, check all fuses. If all fails, take it back where you
    purchased it or call Celestron Tech dept for instruction.


    "Shirish" <> wrote in message

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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    I had the same problem. Plug it in and move and sharke the connector
    around a bit until it turns on. If it doesn't work then you need to
    have it replaced.

    On Mon, 26 Apr 2004 11:08:05 -0700, "Shirish"
    <> wrote:

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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    "Shirish" <> wrote in message news:<c6jj65$5n7$>...

    It's actually a Synta-made product, and it shows.

    Previous reports indicated that about 5-10% of them have the inner leaf in
    the power socket (in the arm) bent inwards, so they don't power up. If you're
    not all thumbs and have a long needle-nosed plier, you may be able to fix it
    quickly yourself though it'd be easier just to replace the socket if you really
    want to keep the scope and don't want to wait a month for Celestron to fix it.

    Once you get it powered up you'll note there are many other problems, mostly
    centered in and about the hand controller which will require replacement.

    You should join the "BabyNexstar" Yahoo group for additional support.

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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    "Shirish" wrote in message news...


    I bought the same scope for show & tell and as an easy travel scope.

    The power socket on my scope failed the 2nd time I inserted the plug
    from the AA battery power pack. There is a small clip inside the
    socket, kinda like the clip on a pen that holds the pen to a pocket.
    This clip was (to use a highly technical term) "Smooshed" down into
    the bottom of the socket assembly. Either the socket, or the plug on
    the battery pack, is not quite right. I found a replacement socket at
    Radio Shack, which I soldered into place. You may wish to contact
    Celestron for a new socket, or consider returning the unit (for
    replacement or upgrade),

    Also, you will quickly find that the AA batteries are not up to the
    task. I use a battery pack that has a 12 volt (cigaret lighter type)
    plug going out. The battery pack is the type that has a built-in
    jumper cables and light. I have found just as useful for jumping cars
    as for powering the scope.

    The eyepieces that come with the scope are pretty poor (other language
    comes to mind, but I'll hold my tongue). For this scope I have
    enjoyed using the Celestron Eyepiece Set that retails for ~$100.
    Check with the place where you bought the scope, or on

    Be aware that this is a minimum-quality telescope. As long as your
    expectations are within the scope's ability, you should find it fun to

    ¤ Clear skies & a star to steer by! >Michael ¤

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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    Bond wrote:

    I'd suggest that if it the connector needs to be moved and shaken to get it
    to turn on you should get it replaced anyway, unless of course you bought it
    second hand which may be more of a problem.


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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    Starry-Nite wrote:
    Can also be caused by operaor error, of course. For a new scope

    I have one I bought in the camping department at Target. Good jumpstart
    packs also at Wal-Mart and Costco.

    The 20 mm SMA eyepiece that comes with the scope is OK. The Eyepiece Set
    (retails for around $125-$140 now) is much better.

    Mine's nice (better than the bigger telescope I used in high school many
    years ago), but it came well collimated from the factory. Collimation
    helps a lot. Note: the 114GT has a "barlow" mounted in the eyepiece tube
    that has to be removed temporarily to collimate the scope. For more
    money but less hassle, the 130GT is a good alternative.
    Pat O'Connell
    [note munged EMail address]
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    Kill nothing but vandals...

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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    In article <c6jj65$5n7$>, says...

    This is a known issue. My connector died the second time I used it. I ended up
    replacing it along with a few other things. Check out my page at for details.

    This is a pretty good portable scope. With good collimation you should get a
    lot of good seeing out of it but it does need some help in a few areas.


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    Default Nexstar 114GT

    If it's brand new under warranty, I'd return it and get the NexStar 80GT.
    The refractor doesn't give too much up in light grasp, doesn't need
    collimation and you can always sell it the refractor OTA and mount that nice
    Orion 80ED Apo refractor on the goto mount as an easy upgrade.


    Clear Skies,


    "Glenn Woodell" <> wrote in message
    product. I
    ended up



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