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    Bob Barnard Guest

    Default Caveat Emptor!

    Last week I decided to get the book on Star Testing by Suiter, so I
    checked Amazon listed the book available as "Used or new",
    so I assumed it was out of print. The "Used or new" listings ranged in
    price from $67 to $96!! Then I checked Willmann-Bell and discovered it
    is still in print and available new for $29.95. I ended up purchasing
    the book for $29.95 from BTW, this is an excellent book.

    Although Amazon doesn't state the book is out of print, it is easy to
    make that assumption based on the way they present the listing. In
    fact it appears to me there's collusion between Amazon and the scumbag
    used book sellers to cheat the customer. In this case, who in their
    right mind would buy a "used" book for 2-3x the cost of a new one? is now on my do not buy from list.


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    's Avatar

    Default Caveat Emptor!

    "Bob Barnard" <> wrote in message om...

    Very interesting. I did take, just as you say, the Amazon listing as meaning
    that the book I wanted was out of print.

    There is always danger in monopolies. Amazon is sort of like Wal-Mart.

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    Philippe HAAKE's Avatar
    Philippe HAAKE Guest

    Default Caveat Emptor!

    On 25 Feb 2004 09:17:06 -0800, (Bob Barnard) wrote:


    But you should read before buying.....

    Amazon is the BEST place to buy books online......

    And it will remain on my do buy from list......

    Best Greetings From SWITZERLAND
    Philippe HAAKE
    ICQ 3128404


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    LarryG Guest

    Default Caveat Emptor!

    "Bob Barnard" <> wrote in message om...

    I just checked the Amazon website:
    < >

    They show a price of $42 for a new hardback, although it is from a third
    Willman-Bell is probably your best deal anyway.

    Larry G.

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    Roger Irwin Guest

    Default Caveat Emptor!

    My parents have been selling second hand books for 40 years. Many people
    come to them looking for books after they have been told by major
    stores, and more recently major websites, that the book is out of print.
    The first thing my parents do is check wether this is actually true,
    it very often isn't!

    Bob Barnard wrote:

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    Jon Isaacs's Avatar
    Jon Isaacs Guest

    Default Caveat Emptor!

    >They show a price of $42 for a new hardback, although it is from a third

    Sky Publishing apparently sells it for the $29.95 list price as does Oceanside
    Photo and Telescope.


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    wicate's Avatar
    wicate Guest

    Default Caveat Emptor!

    Philippe HAAKE <> wrote in message news:<>. ..

    I've got to agree with Phillippe. I've been buying music, books, and
    sundry other items for years from Amazon, never had a problem with
    them and never made the assumption that "Used & New" meant something
    was out of print. Taking the step from your own misinterpretation to
    accusations of collusion is a bit drastic, I believe.


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    BenignVanilla Guest

    Default Caveat Emptor!

    "Bob Barnard" <> wrote in message om...

    I don't see anything strange there...What I see is that Amazon doesn't carry
    the book, but a few people are selling theirs used, one or more in 'New'
    quality. It is not unusual for to not carry a book, and it is not
    unusual for someone to set an unrealistic price for a used book. Buyer
    beware. Do your research and know what you are buying before you do. Amazon
    has no responsiblity to make sure used book vendors are not raising their
    prices to ridiculous numbers.


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    Jb2269 Guest

    Default Caveat Emptor!

    Ran into the same situation. I searched for a book on lens design and found
    prices of ~$250 offered by two sellers on Amazon. On astromart it was offered
    for ~ $45 new and WB was selling it for ~$55. It pays to shop!!
    Bill Bambrick
    41 N, 73 W, 95 ASL

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    Kevin R. Guest

    Default Caveat Emptor!

    > is now on my do not buy from list.

    This past Christmas, my wife bought a Sopranos DVD set and a Doctor
    Who box set at Best Buy. After she bought them, I did a quick spot
    check on to see what they charged for the exact same
    products. One return trip to Best Buy and one order from Amazon
    later, I ended up saving over $40 on those two items ALONE!!

    (eyes rolling) You go ahead and keep them on your do-not-buy list.

    Not to jump all over you, but this was probably just a single-case
    pricing snafu. Nothing more. I really doubt Amazon employees sit
    around thinking up gouging schemes on rarely-ordered books. They make
    their money solely on volume.


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