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Thread: Moderation?

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    Default Moderation?

    "P. Edward Murray" <> wrote in message om...
    It takes nothing except _time_, and a degree of trust. Normally 'moderating'
    a group, requires perhaps a minimum of about 4 people at different points
    around the world (otherwise there will be long delays when posts are made in
    some time zones), who can each guarantee to be online for a significant
    fraction of each day, and have the time to read posts, and filter them. The
    people also have to be 'trustable' to use sensible criteria in
    accepting/rejecting posts. Normally one person (the group founder), is given
    the final 'say', for where there is a conflict. there also has to be at
    least a small amount of 'reserve capacity' to handle individuals taking
    holidays etc..
    It is worth understanding, that this group cannot be 'moderated'. To
    generate a moderated ground, would require starting a new group, and ending
    the old one. As such many of the posters to this group, would probably not
    follow, finding the sloth introduced by a moderated system annoying.
    Most group users, have a fairly comprehensive set of 'message rules',
    combined with a blacklist, and see little of the junk that does come along.
    Unfortunately, one of the commonest problems, is _not_ the original junk,
    but people who insist on replying to it!. In general, I'd say that well over
    90% of the original junk is easily removed by such filters, but when users
    who are not in the blacklist, reply, this can bypass these rules. Even worse
    are the ones who do this, and then quote the original muck.
    The best thing, is to learn to program message rules for your newsreader (or
    use a seperate filter than implements more powerful rules), to handle a
    blacklist, and to ignore junk posts. If everybody does this, the tripe tends
    to disappear, as the posters lose the 'gratification', that they appear to
    get from the sometimes vitriolic responses, and go to other groups that are
    easier bait...

    Best Wishes

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    lal_truckee Guest

    Default Moderation?

    Marty wrote:

    A properly formated moderation robot can instantly pass posts by known
    good guys; reject posts by known bad guys; and therefore have almost all
    posts show up "instantly" (nearly as fast as an unmoderated group) -
    only the unknown newbies have to wait for their posts to show, as they
    create a track record.

    It could be done.

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    Tom Guest

    Default Moderation?

    "lal_truckee" <> wrote in
    message news:c1dj7h$1g2u66$

    Hey, that is a neat idea! I've never thought about robo-moderation before.
    Perhaps you could allow everyone to post as with an unmoderated group,
    but have a complaints procedure where a 'Moderation Council' looks at the
    complaint to decide whether that person really was trolling etc. Obvious
    trollers (like Min) would be instantly barred for life, as would all anonymous
    remailers. Less obvious trollers like Shawn Grant (not obvious when he
    started in 1999) would receive a warning. Three warnings would cause
    him to be barred for 12 months to see whether he felt any different after
    being in "read-only" mode for a year.

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    Default Moderation?

    Those that want a moderated group are quite free to join or start a moderated
    Yahoo Group. Want a moderator? Here's your chance to be one yourself.

    There's quite a number of good Yahoo groups---a fair number of manufacturers
    have one, whether started by themselves or by customers. Starrynights is an
    excellent observing posts only group.


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    Jon Isaacs Guest

    Default Moderation?


    S.A.A. is moderated. Each of us moderates it for ourself as we please....


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    P. Edward Murray Guest

    Default Moderation?

    > Even this post is troll bait, and may even have been started by one of

    I am not a troll!

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    Default Moderation?

    P. Edward Murray <> wrote:

    No, but I reckon you might have just been had by one! :-)


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