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    Harry Bosch's Avatar
    Harry Bosch Guest

    Default SAA a difficult troll

    SAA seems like a difficult group to troll and that's to our credit.

    Why that's the case is an interesting question.

    First and possibly most important is the keen intelligence of many of the
    posters, this combined with a healthy sense of humor works against that
    average troll attempt. Trolls to succeed need gullible relatively humorless
    subjects. There are a few posters here of that type but they are in the

    Second it really helps when the group to be trolled has a group of angry
    bitter members. This is what makes trolls about Mac's and Linux work so
    well. Anytime you have a something that's on the verge of collapse,
    failure, or the danger of becoming insignificant you have troll bait. At
    one time a good blast about the imminent death of Amiga would generate a
    lively troll response. Today It's Mac or Linux, attack what I like to call,
    A Glorious Failure and things are off and running. Probably lovers of
    Studebaker autos would have reacted the same as the Linux folks if one were
    to have correctly predicted the demise of the mark.
    There isn't a Glorious Failure in amateur astronomy, all types of
    telescopes seem to be doing well and all have roles they are well suited
    for and perform welll in. Same with just about every facet of the hobby.
    There simply isn't anything in our hobby that's teetering on the brink of
    extinction like the above example of the Macintosh computer or the Linux OS
    the Amiga or Studebaker.

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    Ed's Avatar
    Ed Guest

    Default SAA a difficult troll

    Gotta pity your wife Kevin.

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    Joe Knapp's Avatar
    Joe Knapp Guest

    Default SAA a difficult troll

    "Ed" <> wrote

    Yours too!


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    Stephen Paul's Avatar
    Stephen Paul Guest

    Default SAA a difficult troll

    "Harry Bosch" <> wrote in message

    You mean like the American labor market?

    The only things that seem to be forever attainable, are astronomy and
    sports. No matter what the socio-economic conditions, you can always look up
    at night, and you can always swing, kick and/or throw something to/at a
    friend. <g>

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    Howard Lester's Avatar
    Howard Lester Guest

    Default SAA a difficult troll

    "Ed" wrote

    He has a wife named Kevin??

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    Al's Avatar
    Al Guest

    Default SAA a difficult troll

    Anytime you have a something that's on the verge of collapse,

    I would go one step further: Our group in general has many subdivisions,
    and this is what makes it such a rich trolling ground. As an example, all
    of us own telescopes, but we all do not own the same type of scope. There
    are 3 basic telescope designs and each of these designs has a passionate
    following. The Newt lover believes that a refractor is a waste of
    money...the refractor owner believes that he owns the "pure" telescope...the
    SCT owner believes that he is on the crest of the new wave. Then of course,
    there is that celebrated chasm between the GOTO lovers and the GOTO haters.
    A troller can find enough material on these grounds alone to keep himself
    busy for years.


    "Harry Bosch" <> wrote in message

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    Marty's Avatar
    Marty Guest

    Default SAA a difficult troll

    >Probably lovers of Studebaker autos

    my '62 Studebaker Lark! And I STILL remember the family's '50
    Studebaker Commander fondly. "The demise of the Studebaker." The
    company has a long and storied history...

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    Greg Crinklaw's Avatar
    Greg Crinklaw Guest

    Default SAA a difficult troll

    The ironic humor in this obvious troll nearly brought a tear to me eye.

    Greg Crinklaw
    Astronomical Software Developer
    Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA (33N, 106W, 2700m)

    SkyTools Software for the Observer:

    Skyhound Observing Pages:

    To reply remove spleen

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    Tony Turner Guest

    Default SAA a difficult troll

    Not bad.

    The sneakiest troll we've had for some time.

    Shall we say 7 out of 10 for originality?

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    Shawn Curry's Avatar
    Shawn Curry Guest

    Default SAA a difficult troll

    Tony Turner wrote:

    Woulda scored a ten if he didn't go after the old standards.


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