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    Default Orion Highlight Plossl

    I recently took advantage of the sale at Orion Telescope and got the
    Highlight Plossls. I use them with my XT6. Using the experience of
    SAA to remember that additional eyepieces should be factored into the
    cost of a scope, I purchased 2 eyepieces. I realize that these aren't
    the premium eyepieces that sell for several magnitudes more and my
    comparison is to the Sirius Plossl line.

    Highlight Plossl (Fully multi-coated):
    32mm - As stated in another post, this is not the worst eyepiece. FOr
    me it gave very functional results. It "seemed" to give good contrast
    on the Orion Nebula.

    7.5mm - Viewing conditions last night weren't the best, but I used it
    when viewing Saturn. THis gave me a clear view of the Cassini
    division. the image is best in the center of the FOV, at the very
    outer edges, it is not as sharp. Eye relief is a bit short but that
    is probably true for the 7.5mm Sirius plossl.

    The highlights do look very nice with the shiny finish on them and
    they feel sturdy. Fit well into the focuser - no play.

    Sirius Plossl (these come with the XT6)
    25mm, 10mm. I have found these eyepieces deliver a clear and sharp
    image. I have no issue with them and these two give a good image. I
    have looked at really bad eyepieces - Bushnell 70mm relector with the
    supplied 9mm - and I would have to say that at least the XT6 supplied
    eyepieces are capable.

    The bottom line is that on sale the Highlights are $8 US more than the
    Sirius plossl and are they worth the extra expense? Well, my opinion
    is that if you do most of your viewing from a backyard in a place with
    light pollution it probably is not worth the $8.00 as the Sirius
    eyepieces are good. I suspect that I wouldn't "see" the difference
    unless the viewing place is a dark sky place. At $33 for the Sirius
    plossl, these deliver good value. To get the "noticable" difference,
    one would have to spend alot more money than the $8.00 delta on an

    If I get even a tad bit more astronomy and aperature fever, then I'll
    get the primo eyepieces - clear crisp images and long eye relief -
    that cost more than my telescope :-). In fact I am saving my money
    now to do that.

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    Default Orion Highlight Plossl

    Thanks for the review and opinion.
    Clear, Dark, Steady Skies!
    (And considerate neighbors!!!)

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    Default Orion Highlight Plossl


    I recently took advantage of the sale also, getting the 10mm & 6.3mm
    Highlights, the 10 to compare direct with my 10mm Sirius plossl. I
    have the XT4.5 dob (and the 25 Sirius supplied & 32 Sirius in
    addition). I've only gotten to use mine twice-the weather has been
    cold & windy or cloudy & not too cold, or just rain for days straight
    so I'm waiting to see Jupiter & Saturn again

    Well, the short time I've used them, the first night I tried, the
    seeing was very good, and Cassini's division looked like it jumped out
    from the rings-almost 3D, and very clear. Banding on the globe was
    evident and showed tannish color, also looked like some color from the
    rings, contrast from the Highlights is higher, a nice black sky. I
    used it another night for Jupiter, with my C102hd, & xt4.5, saw more
    banding-clearer-on the globe than I've ever seen, besides the 4 moons.
    I can tell the difference, and I have no qualms about using my Sirius
    eps for Astrophotgraphy snapshots (single shots, not stacked), as I
    relly like the Sirius plossls. The contrast from the Highlights
    remind me of my 7mm UO classic ortho, but I like the wider field of
    view. I use Orion's Shorty Plus barlow, and these do barlow well,
    especially the 10mm of either the Sirius or the highlight. So the
    bottom line for me is the higher contrast, and with good seeing & dark
    skies (I live in the country-no city lights to fight with), and it's
    wider field of view than an ortho, it is a definite keeper. I may get
    the 17 or 20 next.

    Here are some shots taken with the Sirius plossls, hope you don't
    mind, 1 from the 7mm UO using my xt4.5 dob. I haven't had a chance to
    take shots yet with the Highlights yet.

    Regards and clear skies,

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    Default Orion Highlight Plossl

    Kerry wrote:

    Nice pictures from a dobsonian. I was pleasantly surprised that when my
    cursor hovered over an image that very complete information on camera,
    exposure time, technique, and just about anything else appeared.

    You have pretty much provided everything I need know to attempt imaging
    through my dobsonian.



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    Default Orion Highlight Plossl

    I was sure that I wasn't the only person to take advantage of the
    sale. I have gotten alot more use of the Highlight Plossls lately -
    here in the bay area, nights have been in the low 40's, cold enough
    for me :-) As I said before, I probably need to get to a dark site

    I must say that the 17mm Highlight gives me a very nice view, and I
    use this alot, with and without the 2x barlow to determine if the
    seeing is good enough for higher magnifications. I really like the
    looks at saturn with it. I did have one night last week of good
    seeing and that the 7.5mm did provide a view where I saw what looked
    like a light tannish color at the polar region. I haven't seen the
    GRS but I stayed up last Friday(?) and watched the shadow (Ganymede)
    on the face of Jupiter - just a black dot!! but since it was always at
    the same place on Jupiter regardless of where in the eyepiece Jupiter
    was, it had to be the shadow. I also watched Callisto starting to
    transit, looked like Jupiter had a small pimple on its edge - then it

    I really like the 32mm Highlight - maybe because I don't have a 32mm
    Sirius or any other but it really does give me a nice view.

    I guess I should restate my conclusion in that I definetly am not
    returning the Highlights because they give a pleasing view, and for
    $8.00 US more per eyepiece, it is a value. Since I live very close to
    the Orion store, I didn't have to pay shipping and had instant
    gratification of taking home and using the eyepiece.

    I still think the light pollution prevents me from maximizing the
    I do need to move out of the city... now where did I put my lotto

    David (kowen) wrote in message news:< om>...

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    Default Orion Highlight Plossl


    It seems there is a common thought that imaging can't be done with a
    dob, because it doesn't track, I guess for stacking or film cameras.
    Digital is so sensitive to light-you have to watch for burnouts on the
    brighter parts of the moon-why not take a few shots especially when
    the planets are close?
    Like I told David, I do need to get a Scopetronix adapter to at least
    hold the camera steadier, prevent camera shake. I also have a remote
    w/ the G3 so that would help decrease camera shake with the shutter
    When the viewing is good, my small xt4.5 does well as far as clarity &
    detail, thanks to the f/8. With David's XT6 at f/8 & 1200mm
    reach-I've thought of getting the XT6 for the longer reach, a bit
    larger planetary image to view-what a great scope, with the larger
    aperture & I'm sure somewhat more detail to capture.
    Your camera will capture more detail in an image than your eye will
    see through the ep, so don't let a somewhat?-perhaps not so clear view
    fool you. What dob do you have? Even a wide 8" or 10", with all the
    light you'd get from one of those-I'm sure they would do well. If you
    do give it a try, would love to see your results Martin, maybe send us
    a link to your shots.

    Clear skies,
    s.e. Louisiana

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    Default Orion Highlight Plossl

    Kerry said:

    I've got a 12.5 inch Starfinder and NO experience with a digital camera.

    I had planned on purchasing one fairly soon. When I used to do some
    astrophotography through an 8 inch newtonian on an equaltorial mount TOO
    many years ago and used a 35mm camera. This was at least 20 years ago. At
    that time, I bracketed (sp?) around estimated exposure times to get the most
    satisfactory results.

    I am assuming that one can "bracket" with a digital camera. . .yes?




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