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    Default Alvan Clark Reflector Information?

    Dear Friends,

    The University of Louisville once owned an Alvan Clark 12" reflector
    telescope, which was handed over to the Louisville Astronomical Society
    (LAS) decades ago. This telescope is catalogued in the Warner-Ariail book on
    Clark production.

    Today, the LAS has the Clark mount, but not the telescope or mirror. We
    cannot find any mention of any other Clark reflector, nor can we find our
    Clark telescope or mirror. If anyone has information on how a Clark mirror
    was marked (if marked at all), this would help us in our research. It would
    also give us valuable information to hand over to the FBI, in case the
    optics were stolen, which we believe may be the case.

    We realize Clark reflectors are extremely rare, but hopefully somebody
    somewhere has one that can be examined to find identifying information.


    Don Tabbutt
    Chairman of the Board
    Louisville Astronomical Society

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    Default Alvan Clark Reflector Information?

    Dear Mr. Tabbutt,

    Did you see the section on signatures in the Warner/Ariall book, pp.
    234-238? Nothing there about trademarks on mirrors, though. Perhaps the
    authors could tell you more about such marks, if they've seen them in their
    research? See title page or Acknowledgements page (in 2nd edition) for
    Willmann-Bell address to contact them.




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