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Thread: Burgess 127?

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    Default Burgess 127?

    Hello, Valery,
    Somehow the Mikado comes to mind: " innocent merriment."
    Clear skies,
    Bill Meyers

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    Default Burgess 127?


    I think you have missed the point here. Burgess Optical is not slimy in the

    Inexperienced probably, overly enthusiastic, most certainly, but the promise of
    these scopes is a well made achromat both optically and mechanically at a
    reasonable price. So far, the 127F8 scopes seems to bear this out.

    The 102F6 scope has had some problems with the objective, it will be
    interesting to see how they actually have turned out as they are apparently
    shipping now.

    It does seem to me that there is a place for decent 4 and 5 inch achromats with
    decent 2 inch focusers and decent lens cells. Just a decent focuser that does
    not to be reworked prior to use separates these scope from the Synta scopes.

    Often a new telescope is tied up with wishes and wants that may be unrealistic.
    It doesn't matter what scope it is, there is always the thrill and joy and
    disappointment of the first light with any scope.

    Some peoples expectations are unrealistic, whether it is color free performance
    in 102mm F6 Achromat, seeing Stephen's quintet in a 60mm refractor or setting
    up an 14 inch LX200 in 10 minutes, thats how it works...

    Bottomline: I believe these scopes will be decent scopes that fill a hole in
    the market.

    jon isaacs

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    Default Burgess 127?

    Steve it' not just about color. The D&G is a custom made objective, the uses
    better quality glass, individually corrected for zones, astigmatism as well
    as color. Even if they were the same focal length, the D&G would be better.
    The Burgess (same factory as the Meade) is 100% machine made. In terms of
    the total quality of the image, it isn't close. The Burgess compares to the
    Meade and Synta scopes- Orion, Konus and Celestron. The D&G compares to
    Vixen, Stellarvue and Televue. The Burgess costs the same as the Orion,
    Celestron and Meade OTAs, the D&G costs the same as the Vixen, Stellarvue
    and Televue.


    stevew wrote:

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    Default Burgess 127?


    if you looking for a real good 100 mm achromat , we started already to
    introduce one a 100 mm F/700 mm douplet airspacest achromat.
    Correspondance to the chinese manufactor its using somewhat diffrent
    glas than typical achromat.
    At first tests we found its colorcorrection is visible better than the
    skywatcher 102/1000, we have not compared it against a japanese made
    Vixen, but beeing better with F/7 than competition F/10 is already quite

    The polishing job of this 100/700 is very good , like very best
    skywatchers, we have tested now 7 pc from first shipments and this
    sounds very promissing.

    Now before we starting this scope to the internationalk market they need
    to do some little improvements
    1, install a 2" focuser, instead of here M42/1.25" focuser
    2, upgrate the coating from standart MgF2 to Multicoating
    3, exchange the mountrail to tuberings with Vixen rail
    4, improve 50 mm finderbracket which is shaky

    after all that is done it will cost about $ 350 for optical tube with
    rings,mountrail, 50 mm finder, diagonal and 1 eyepiece

    if they continue to make the same good quality as we got in first 7
    samples, than we will arrange a deal with Aries and offer a matched
    chromacor with it

    but lets wait till the improvements have been done, it will take a
    while, maybe 2 or 3 monthes.
    Its not a massproducet telescope, only small quantitys are beeing made,
    the usual work of this company is big observatory class mounts for
    chinese and large 9" and bigger achromats

    best wishes

    "Jon Isaacs" <> wrote in message

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    Default Burgess 127?

    On 14 Jan 2004 14:01:20 GMT, (Jon Isaacs) wrote:

    Hi Jon,

    I think what's shipping now are the "as-is" rejects with the yellow
    fringed view objectives stopped down with a baffle and sold at a reduced

    IIRC, you're in line for one of these scopes. Did you elect to receive on
    of the discounted ones?

    Al Hall


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