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    Default televue naglers upgrade

    I have a 40mm 2 inch televue
    20mm nagler purchase in 1985
    13 mm nagler purchased in 1985
    7mm nagler purchased in 1988
    4.8 mm nagler purchased in 1988

    Are the new nagler enough of an improvement to make it worth the price to upgrade?

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    Default televue naglers upgrade


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    Default televue naglers upgrade

    "halfro" <> wrote in message news:<cQlJb.261800$_M.1215910@attbi_s54>...

    To some yes, to others no. In my case I have a complete set of N1
    (less the elusive 11mm) and most of the N2s and the 31mm N5. These
    EPs are superb for general observations. I generally use them in
    the progression of 31mm->20mm->13mm->9mm->7mm in any of my three
    better scopes. My EPs are from the same era as yours.

    For planets, the wide field is not a benefit and all that extra
    glass can be a considerable detriment. I tend to use high quality
    Plossls here (TV) as they can put up with my F/4 BIG DOB light cone
    and are about as good as anthing that can put up with an F/4 light
    cone. Only in the 6" F/8 APO do I desire to have a look through some
    of the other options (Ziess, Pentax, Tak).

    If you didn't already have such a collection, the buying the more
    modern glasses you would obtain ever so slightly better images,
    So the question come down to what money is worth to you.


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    Default televue naglers upgrade

    On 01/03/04 12:41 +0900, Mitch Alsup wrote:

    I suspect that could be dependent on the person. I use Ploessls
    in my dob and I sure wouldn't mind having a wider AFOV so I could
    increase magnification without having to fiddle with the scope as

    YMMV and all that. Just my opinion, is all.

    // Trane Francks Tokyo, Japan
    // Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.



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