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    Richard DeLuca Guest

    Default FS- Zeiss Abbe Orthos

    In article <>,
    Alan W. Craft <> wrote:


    Yup, I used them with a 1990 vintage AP 152mm f/9 Starfire, and I am an
    experienced planetary observer. I did appreciate them, but they were
    worth so dang much money that I was afraid to use them except on rare
    occasions. And yes, they were better than anything else I have, but
    only very slightly. For instance, they showed me nothing that I
    couldn't then find in my Tak LEs, including Deimos (several times) and
    Phobos (once) this summer. In fact, I got my first sight of Deimos in
    the 5mm LE.

    Starry Skies,

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    Alan W. Craft Guest

    Default (OT) Life Choices [ Was Re: FS- Zeiss Abbe Orthos ]

    On Wed, 17 Dec 2003 15:52:38 +0900, Trane Francks <> ...reflected:

    When that time comes, she'll balk; you'll see.


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    Theo Ker Guest

    Default FS- Zeiss Abbe Orthos

    Alan W. Craft <> wrote in message news:<>. ..

    Well, seems that TMB is making cheap EP's that outperform these Zeiss's easily.
    So i wonder where you are all so excited about.


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    Chris Nicholl Guest

    Default (OT) Life Choices [ Was Re: FS- Zeiss Abbe Orthos ]

    > >On 12/17/03 10:42 +0900, Alan W. Craft wrote:

    This seems to me to be nothing more than rank prejudice. Aside from
    being well OT (which is not surprising - you singularly raise the
    noise/signal ratio on this group considerably) it's a statement
    pre-judging someone's reaction based on nothing more than a knowledge
    of her race. Pretty ugly IMO.

    Chris Nicholl

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    Alan W. Craft Guest

    Default FS- Zeiss Abbe Orthos

    On 17 Dec 2003 17:02:25 -0800, (Theo Ker) ...reflected:

    A 2004 Nissan 350Z handily outperforms...a 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom I...

    ....utterly black down to its wire-spoked wheels.

    Granted, that's not exactly the most equitable of comparisons. Nonetheless,
    you've convinced me; now go and convince the rest of the world, particularly
    those who are paying several times over original cost for the Zeiss set, en lieu
    of a similar yet comparatively inexpensive set of those reputedly superior TMB's,
    and with a voracity that would make the frenziest Great White appear as docile
    as a sea cow.

    In that I would only buy a Zeiss set as a reissue, and therefore only again
    at an original uninflated cost, I'm hardly as excited as you seem to imply.

    Though, get back to me if and when said Zeiss reissue is made manifest.


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    Alan W. Craft Guest

    Default (OT) Life Choices [ Was Re: FS- Zeiss Abbe Orthos ]

    On 18 Dec 2003 04:56:29 -0800, (Chris Nicholl) ...reflected:

    Prejudice is pre-judging, that is, judging without precedent, without
    facts, without evidence, without experience...

    I've been observing my brother's "precedent" for years, therefore I may
    hardly be prejudiced.

    So much for your "insight."

    It's what I live for.

    Stay tuned for more, in fact.

    Rather, I would base it far more on her *** rather than her race, as
    I view women, all women, as little more than children, yet superior to men

    But now that you mention it, and punctuated by the recent enshrining
    of the "Enola Gay," not to mention its being vandalised soon after, just how
    anxious do you think an educated and conscientious Japanese woman
    would be to want to emigrate to the U.S.?

    For the record, I, personally, was not offended by the vandalism.

    Yes, you were "pretty ugly" in your opinion, and about the only thing
    you got right in your entire reply.



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