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    Neale Monks Guest

    Default Eyepiece suggestions?

    Hi folks,

    I'm looking for something to go between a 35 and 19 mm Panoptic. The
    other eyepieces I use are an 32 mm NexStar Plossl, a 8.8 Meade UWA and
    a 7 mm Type 6 Nagler.

    My 'scopes couldn't be more different: a Tele Vue f/6.3 76 with the 2"
    diagonal, and an 200 mm LX 90 used primarily with its original 1.25"
    back (it's a little clunky with the 2" Everbrite diagonal plus the SCT
    adapter). Observing varies, but I do a lot of "public observing" with
    kids and plebs, so comfortable use is important.

    Really, I'm wondering if a 20-something wide angle eyepiece of some
    sort would actually be useful, or are the 35 mm Pan and 32 mm Plossl
    up to most kinds of low power viewing, and the 19 mm Pan for the
    medium powers. What's the benefit of, say, a 24 mm Pan?

    Would a dedicated 2" star diagonal for the SCT be a better investment?
    (I've no idea just how good or bad the generic Meade 1.25" star
    diagonal is.)



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    Rod Mollise Guest

    Default Eyepiece suggestions?

    >Would a dedicated 2" star diagonal for the SCT be a better investment?


    If you're not happy with the refractor style diagonal, the Meade is acually not
    bad at all. As for the about the 27 Pan or 22 Pan?

    Rod Mollise
    Author of _Choosing and Using a Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope_
    Like SCTs and MCTs?
    Check-out sct-user, the mailing list for CAT fanciers!
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    Stephen Paul Guest

    Default Eyepiece suggestions?

    "Neale Monks" <> wrote in message m...

    As a fellow 8" SCT user I can whole heartedly recommend an F6.3
    Reducer/Corrector, the 24mm Panoptic for it's 1.2 degree field in this
    configuration, and the 13mm, 9mm and 7mm Nagler T6's to cover the range
    between 100 and 180x. If you get a night of exceptionally good seeing, you
    can pull the R/C and your range shifts up to 0.8 degrees at 80x using the
    24mm Pan through 285x with the 7mm NT6.

    But, whatever else you do, get something in the 13mm range for globular
    clusters. A 1.3mm exit pupil is right in the perfect range for DSOs (with
    the R/C, the 9mm will put you in this range as well).

    That's just food for thought. Don't do anything rash, unless you can afford
    it. <g>

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    Frank Bov Guest

    Default Eyepiece suggestions?

    One of the rules of thumb is that the eye operates best with a 2-2.5mm exit
    pupil. Per the preceding thread, eyepiece focal length is exit pupil x f#,
    so a 20-25mm eyepiece will give you excellent images in your f/10 SCT. Top
    contenders include the 22mm and 24mm Panoptics, 20 and 22mm Naglers, and I
    believe it's a 22mm Vixen Superwide.

    I had a 22mm Pan that I only sold when a 22mm Nagler came my way. For public
    work, Id suggest the 26mm MA that probably came with the LX90 - nothing to

    HAve fun,

    "Neale Monks" <> wrote in message m...

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    Al Guest

    Default Eyepiece suggestions?

    You must mean a 2000mm LX 90. Well, in my opinion, Al Nagler made an
    eyepiece with this very OTA in mind. If you were to use only one eyepiece
    with this scope, the 22mm Panoptic is the choice. At about 90X, it's great
    for DSOs and good for the moon and planets.


    "Neale Monks" <> wrote in message m...

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    Trane Francks Guest

    Default Eyepiece suggestions?

    On 12/05/03 12:08 +0900, Al wrote:

    Maybe 203 mm (as in 8") aperture?

    This is an eyepiece I'd dearly love to take a look through.

    // Trane Francks Tokyo, Japan
    // Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

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    Brad Isley Guest

    Default Eyepiece suggestions?

    24mm Pan might be a good choice. It's small, light, and doesn't have
    that silly 2"/1.25" barrell. With the 35 Pan, is the 32 plossl really
    very useful?

    I use the 35 when I want the widest possible view. The 24 is the step
    up to darken the sky glow and tighten things up a bit. Then I move to
    the 13 nagler T6 and on down from there. The 24 is used the most and
    is easy to use with no kidney-beaning.

    If you don't find the jump from 35 to 19 pan to be too large, then you
    may not need the 24. Do you frequently want a FOV between the two?
    That's the real question. Or, do you find that when using the 35 you
    get too much sky glow so you want a slightly tighter view with darker

    On 4 Dec 2003 15:01:48 -0800, (Neale Monks)

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    Mitch Alsup Guest

    Default Eyepiece suggestions? (Neale Monks) wrote in message news:< om>...

    I have found no particular reason for an EP between my 31mm Nagler
    and my 20mm Nagler. And in general, I space the lower power EPs at
    ~50% as in 31mm->20mm->13mm->9mm. And then tighten the progression
    to 9->7->6->5->4.5 {where 6 is 12*2X and 4.5 is 9*2X}. In the lower
    power end I try to Frame objects, the high power end I use as much
    power as the atmosphere permits.

    This holds true for my 4" Ach, my 6" APO, my C11, and my 20" DOB.

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    Neale Monks's Avatar
    Neale Monks Guest

    Default Eyepiece suggestions?

    "Stephen Paul" <> wrote in message news:<>...


    I'm fascinated by this comment. How does the "perfect range" manifest
    itself? If I use a 13 mm Nagler, say, how will that image seem
    different from a 15 mm Panoptic or whatever? I guess what I'm unclear
    about it how the "right" exit pupil affects what you see. Is the view
    exponentially better than adjacent focal lengths would do, or is their
    a subtle gradation from good to less good focal lengths?

    I take it that using a 26 mm eyepiece with an decent Barlow will work
    as well as a 13 mm eyepiece? I do have an R/C, plus the 8.8 UWA, so
    I'll try out what you suggest... next spring perhaps when the
    globulars come round again.

    The 24 mm Panoptic sounds attractive right now... I must send my
    letter to Saint Nick before it's too late!



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    Tony Flanders's Avatar
    Tony Flanders Guest

    Default Eyepiece suggestions?

    Stephen Paul wrote:

    Neale Monks responded:

    Definitely a subtle gradation; a 15% change in magnification isn't
    going to make a major difference one way or the other. But I agree
    that it is much more important to fine-tune magnifications at the
    medium and high end than at the low end.

    Also, beware of any generalizations about magnifications. I used
    to be much more doctrinaire on this subject, until I started noticing
    exceptions to every rule that I could formulate. And there is a lot
    of variation in people's preferences w.r.t. magnification, and my own
    preferences are constantly changing.

    But one thing you can say for sure -- it never *hurts* to have extra
    options in magnification. That is one of the reasons that the 8-24mm
    zoom is my favorite eyepiece.

    Hmm, that is debatable. At worst, the loss in optical quality by
    adding a good Barlow is very small. But there is also the mechanical
    aspect to consider; swapping Barlows in and out can be a pain, and
    it adds two more glass surfaces prone to fogging up. And an 10-inch
    stack consisting of a long Barlow and a long EP can be unwieldy.
    Having said all that, I use Barlows all the time.

    Be aware also that a "2X" Barlow probably will not increase the
    magnification exactly 2X; my own Celestron Ultima is more like
    2.3X - 2.4X with most of my EPs. And the magnification can be
    increased quite a bit just by pulling the EP slightly out in
    the Barlow's barrel. The amplification of a Barlow is extremely
    sensitive to the distance between the Barlow and the EP.

    Well, if you already own 35mm and 19mm Panoptics, the 24mm or the
    27mm is the obvious next step at the wide end. As Al says, the 22mm
    Panoptic is a great EP, but it seems too close to the 19mm that you
    already own.

    As for choosing between the 24mm and the 27mm, I've never looked
    through a 24mm, but I own the 27mm, and it is a beauty -- suits
    my eyes to a T. However, it is much bigger and heavier than the
    24mm, and does not work in a 1.25-inch Barlow. That would probably
    give the nod to the 24mm if I were doing the buying. And with your
    F/10 scope, 2.4mm is a very nice exit pupil for browsing galaxy
    fields, showing reasonably close to optimal detail without
    sacrificing too much FOV.

    - Tony Flanders


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