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    Default HELP selecting eyepiece - UO Konig or Orion Lanthanum & Klee ?

    I'd like some advice on selecting a new eyepiece in the 24-26mm range to
    replace my Meade Super Plossl.

    I already have the following:
    University Optics 32mm Konig (which I find outstanding!)
    Orion Lanthanum 14mm
    Orion Lanthanum 9.5

    My scope is a Meade LX90. I do wear eyeglasses while observing, which is
    why I like the Orion Lanthanum ep's.
    So it's between a UO Konig 24mm (60 degree apparent fov) or an Orion
    Lanthanum 25mm (50 degree apparent fov).
    Any advice or recommendations between these two ep's are appreciated.

    Also, and experiences with the University Optics Klee 2.8 image


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    Default HELP selecting eyepiece - UO Konig or Orion Lanthanum & Klee ?

    While I'm a real fan of the UO Konigs, the 24 is the runt of the litter. Eye
    relief is OK, as you'd expect, and transmission is likely better than the
    Lanthanum, but the sharpness just isn't there as you move off axis. A much
    better choice would be the 22mm or newer 24mm Tele Vue Panoptic. I know
    several SCT owners for whom the 22 Pan is their favorite eyepiece, and with
    introduction of the 24, the former might be had at a very reasonable price.

    If not, I'd recommend Orion's Ultrascopics, Celestron's Ultimas or a TV
    Plossl over the 24 Konig, unless you really want that extra 10 degrees of
    FOV. Just my thoughts.

    HAve fun,

    "Ken Martin" <> wrote in message

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    Default HELP selecting eyepiece - UO Konig or Orion Lanthanum & Klee ?

    On Mon, 01 Dec 2003 18:51:37 -0800, Ken Martin <> ...reflected:

    I once had, albeit briefly, a Vixen 20mm Lanthanum. The image was
    soft and dim compared to that within my 20mm 'Circle T' Erfle.

    I just acquired a Klee barlow, and so far, I like it, but I've used it only




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