I received my 25mm Antares W70 cheap widefield this morning and,
contrary to the rules of amateur astronomy, it's not raining or cloudy
this evening so I've just had a quick go with it in my 8" f6 Sky-Watcher
(Synta) Dobsonian.

It's great. There's too much moonlight tonight to see much, so I had a
quick look at the Pleiades. True field of view appears to be a little
more than my GTO 32mm Plossl and about the same as my "38mm" Surplus
Shed Erfle (which I measured to be about 31mm).

I think I saw some astigmatism, but I have an astigmatic viewing eye so
I'm not too sure about this. Overall the view was better than with
either of the other EPs, with the stars hanging in space in an almost 3D

Even with import duty and postage from Canada this is a great value
Jim Easterbrook <http://www.easter.mersinet.co.uk/>
N51.36 E0.25