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Thread: Tak eyepieces

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    Default Tak eyepieces

    I've got a 7.5 Tak LE occular and it won't accept either colour filters or
    OIII/UHC filters in the thread. Is this the case for the whole LE range -
    or do I have a one-off?

    Pity if its not a standard size - really would like to buy the 18mm.


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    Default Tak eyepieces

    In article <bo3444$d4f$1$>,
    "Richard Darn" <> wrote:

    Hmmm..... perhaps you do have an oddball there. I have both the TAK
    7.5 and 5mm LEs and they have standard threads. They are wonderful
    planetary eyepieces, and usually have one filter or another threaded on

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    Default Tak eyepieces

    I have the Tak 5mm and 3.6mm LE eyepieces, and they both accept filters just
    fine. I have 4 filters I have put on them (Baader IR, Baader Contrast
    Booster, Celestron Neutral Density, & Orion SkyGlow).


    "Richard Darn" <> wrote in message

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    Default Tak eyepieces

    Richard Darn wrote:

    It doesn't seem to be totally unheard of - I had the same problem on
    both the 5mm and 7.5mm LE, and in discussing this with the vendor
    learnt that they'd heard about it from other customers as well. It
    seems the thread as such is ok, but there's so much black paint in it
    that many filters won't fit.

    There are several ways around this, most of them involving the nifty
    fact that with the 5 and 7.5, you can simply unscrew the 1.25" barrel.

    You might try screwing on the barrel backwards, with a little force.
    (May or may not work very well, and you lose the slightly tapered
    outer edge at the original bottom end which helps when you're trying
    to insert the e/p into the focuser with half-frozen hands.) There's
    no paint on the upper end of the thread which normally connects the
    barrel to the e/p body.

    You may dispense with the barrel altogether: the body of the 5 and 7.5
    will neatly fit into a 1.25"-.965" adapter, and there are such adapters
    with decent filter threads (e.g. sold under the Vixen brand name).
    (The longer Tak LE focal lengths do not have such an interior .965"
    body, though.)

    I ended up sending both my barrels to someone who could re-cut the
    threads, thus cleaning out the excess paint, and they'll take filters
    just fine now.

    Cheers, Gerhard

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    Richard Darn Guest

    Default Tak eyepieces

    Thanks, some really useful information,

    "Gerhard Niklasch" <> wrote in
    message news:bo3no1$6s5$
    range -

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    Default Tak eyepieces

    In article <bo3no1$6s5$>, (Gerhard Niklasch) wrote:

    It seems to me that a little acetone on a Q-Tip accomplishes the same
    thing, no?

    Starry Skies,

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    Default Tak eyepieces

    Some time ago Tak provided some weird thread size on their eyepieces. I'm
    guessing you bought a used eyepiece?
    If so contact our shop - I believe we still have some free replacement

    "Richard Darn" <> wrote in message

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    Richard Darn Guest

    Default Tak eyepieces


    Bought it new about three years ago here in the UK from the main dealer.
    Thanks for the offer. I'll be on vacation at New Mexico Skies soon - might
    put a call in.


    "Herb York" <> wrote in message
    range -



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