Hi all,

In the last week of September I visited a star party in Austria, the
ITT on the Emberger Alm. For a short impression and some pics
from the star party, have a look at my Astro-Weblog:


For a detailed deep sky observing report with telescope and
binocular (part 1) please visit the following link:


Some of the objects discussed are the Lagoon Nebula, The Omega
Nebula, The Wild duck cluster, The Small Sagittarius Star Cloud, The
Great Sculptor Galaxy, M22, NGC 891, NGC 188, and others.
The report is illustrated with finder charts, eyepiece impressions
and pics.

Part 2 will be published within the next few weeks, so pop in every
now and again or, if you want to be informed about updates, join my
mailinglist (see my homepage) http://www.backyard-astro.com

Best Regards,