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    Default Puerto Rico

    Hi All,

    Just a quicky -
    Got a hint at work today that I might be off to Puerto Rico in the
    next couple of months, this is only going to be a flying visit (3
    nights max).
    The obvious question is what will I be able to see, though I do intend
    sorting out some maps and the like prior to going and will hopefully
    be able to borrow a decent set of binocs (or failing that take my
    crappy ones).
    Most specifically I'm planning on facing south to see as much of these
    strange skys as possible.
    Any hints and tips gratefully recieved.

    51:31N 0:38W

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    Default Puerto Rico (SimonP) wrote in message news:< com>...

    I live about 75 km east of Puerto Rico.

    Puerto Rico straddles the 18th parallel, so theoretically, you can see
    everything north of declination -72. Realistically, nebulae and
    galaxies below 15 degrees altitude may be obscured by haze, depending
    on weather. You won't see the Magellanic Clouds or 47 Tucanae. Most
    unfortunately, the Southern Cross and Omega Centauri season has past.

    You'll get decent views of M6, M7, and M22. NGC 253 (the Silver Coin
    galaxy in Sculptor) rises at about 9pm and transits at about 2am. All
    these are good binocular objects. Achernar rises at about 11 pm, and
    Canopus at about 3:30 am. Of course, in a couple of months, these
    times will be 4 hours earlier. Mars doesn't look bad, and you'll see
    the southern Milky Way better than you ever could in the UK.

    The Arecibo radio telescope ( now receives
    visitors from the general public. It is in the northwest part of the

    Puerto Rico is severely light polluted. You'll pretty much need to be
    on the south shore of the island, preferably far away from Ponce.
    Sorry, i don't have local intercity transportation information.

    You'll be able to get by with just English in San Juan--which is on
    the north shore and lit up like a Hollywood set. Outside San Juan,
    you're on your own.

    The Sun is strong, even during fall; bring sunscreen if you burn
    easily. Bring mosquito repellant. There's no malaria or West Nile,
    but there are occasional cases of dengue fever.

    When returning, arrive at San Juan airport 3 hours early. Customs is
    much more efficient than it used to be, but is still subject to
    occasional bureaucratic quagmires, just for old-times sake. Do not
    put nail clippers in your carry-on. If you bring back souvenirs,
    remember that the proper blue for the flag is *medium* blue. The dark
    indigo is an imperialist modification, and the light blue is a
    political statement that you won't want to get involved with.

    ¡Buen viaje!

    ------------------- Richard Callwood III --------------------
    ~ U.S. Virgin Islands ~ USDA zone 11 ~ 18.3N, 64.9W ~
    ~ eastern Massachusetts ~ USDA zone 6 (1992-95) ~
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    Default Puerto Rico

    Cousin Ricky <> wrote in article
    <>. ..

    Bugger, I didn't think I'd make the Southern Cross but had my fingers
    crossed for the Magellanic Clouds.


    I'd forgotten all about that, and I was only talking about it the
    other week…looks like I might have to persuade my boss to have an
    extra day.


    Not a major issue the people at the plant are very good.

    <snip - more general info>

    Many thanks

    51:31N 0:38W



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