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    Default Siebert SW eyepieces

    I've been toying with the idea of purchasing the new 7mm Pentax XW
    eyepiece. It sports a 70 degree fov and 20mm of eye relief.
    Unfortunately they aren't available quite yet and will cost around
    $339. This is probably to high for me to justify but I see that the
    Siebert 7mm Super wide has the same stats at less than half the cost.
    I'm wondering if these eyepieces really do compete with the high end
    oculars as Harry states in his website. Any one have experience with
    his superwide eyepiece line? How does the edge performance compare? Is
    the field stop sharp? Thanks

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    Default Siebert SW eyepieces

    IMHO, sticking a negative (barlow) at the end of an EP to achieve 20mm of
    eye relief is cheating. You can just as easily do it yourself by
    purchasing a lower power EP and using a barlow. Why pay the extra money?
    I would go with the Siebert just because it is less expensive. All of the
    Siebert and Russell WA eyepieces that I have looked through were
    satisfactory--although not as perfect as my Naglers and Panoptics. It's
    the same old story--you pay a lot more to get something just a tiny bit
    better. Also, the Siebert and Russell EP's are really comfortable to
    use--the comfort factor is rarely taken into account when comparing ep's
    and admittedly somewhat difficult to quantify. I use the term to refer to
    just the right combination of eye relief, exit pupil, and field of view.
    It allows you to forget about the eyepiece and immerse yourself in what
    you are seeing.
    Larry Brown

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