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Thread: Vixen vs. Tak

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    Default Vixen vs. Tak

    On Fri, 29 Aug 2003 21:29:23 GMT, "Mick" <> wrote:

    I briefly owned a Vixen 4" achromat, that is, with a
    common crown/flint doublet, however I quickly arrived
    at the conclusion that I had outgrown achromats with
    their seemingly patented chromatic aberration, so I sent
    it back and got a Takahashi FS-102 in its stead.

    The FS-102 in combination with University Optics'
    orthoscopics is far superior to the Vixen achromat
    combined with Vixen's orthoscopics(I did not have
    the UO's at the time), however that is not to say
    that the Vixen achromat did not give good views,
    for it did, and very good for an achromat.

    The Vixen ED series should fall halfway between
    the two, and perhaps leaning more towards the
    Takahashi in overall quality, but only slightly

    The Vixen ED 102S O.T.A. currently sells for
    $1525, while the Takahashi FS-102 O.T.A. is ON
    SALE for $1895, a mere $370 difference in price...

    ....the choice is obvious, that is, among refractors.


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    Default Vixen vs. Tak

    The Vixen ED102S on a Vixen mount is $2200 and includes the ota,
    mount, finder, tray, diagonal, rings and a 20mm LV ep. By the time
    you equip the Tak ota in similar fashion, the difference in $ widens.
    Thats why I purchased the Vixen ED, IMHO it is a great buy and you get
    excellent optics to boot. Just my 2 cents worth...
    Clear Skies,

    Alan W. Craft <> wrote in message news:<>. ..

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    Default Vixen vs. Tak

    On 30 Aug 2003 13:46:57 -0700, (david) ...reflected:

    Yes, and to about $500 at most, but package deals can be limiting.
    For instance, I'm having Parks custom-manufacture an 8" f/5 classic
    Newtonian for me, and I will mount it on my GP-DX, rather than on the
    GP standard that I had briefly along with the Vixen achromat, as I don't
    believe the standard GP could handle the Parks. As it is, I'm going to
    be pushing the GP-DX with it a bit, perhaps. Orion and others are
    placing 8" f/5 O.T.A.'s on, at times, ridiculously-unsubstantial
    equatorial mountings. I will have the advantage of not only a
    vastly-superior mount, but of a fiberglass tube as well.

    Time will tell, as I have promised to report the results once I receive
    the Parks.

    I didn't like the Vixen lanthanum ocular that came with the Vixen
    achromat/GP mount...too much glass. It would be best suited for a
    much larger primary, as its image-softening and contrast-robbing
    effects might be reduced to a less noticeable degree. I have
    two Vixen orthoscopics, with my University Optics' being noticeably
    better, however I don't think that that would necessarily apply
    to the quality of their refractors' objectives, as I did think their
    achromat to be very good, but again, for an achromat.

    I almost bought a Vixen ED 102S setup, just as you did, but I
    got to looking around, especially at the Vixen FL 102S with its ghastly
    $500 price increase over the Takahashi FS-102... didn't take me long to decide: "Hey, I can get a Takahashi fluorite
    for PEANUTS, comparatively!"

    I think that had I purchased the Vixen ED 102S after having
    returned the achromat that I would've come to the same conclusion,

    ....but with that near-purchase of a Takahashi FS-102 having forever
    haunted me.


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    Default Vixen vs. Tak

    On 1 Sep 2003 09:29:56 -0700, (david) ...reflected:

    Only one GOOD refractor is needed, and for stars and planets, particularly
    doubles and variables. For anything else, get a Newtonian.

    Now that you have the Vixen ED, it should satisfy as long as it reduces
    the false color to an acceptable level, and of course I realise that that
    criterion would vary from individual to individual, but in that the false
    color may never be entirely eliminated, with the only true apochromat
    being a Newtonian, and refractors approaching that level being
    exceptionally cost-prohibitive, as long as the correction is a
    definite improvement over that of a common achromat,
    have no regrets. Besides, with an ED refractor, you've
    no fluorite with which to be obsessively concerned...

    "Oh no! The tube fell sharply upon...the bed! Is the lens allright?!!!"

    "Hhhaaa! There's frost on the lens! If I take it in too quick, it'll crack!" get the point.

    While I've yet to see any false color through my FS-102, save with an
    off-axis view via the Takahashi prism diagonal, I'm not counting my
    chickens just yet. But I don't expect it to be an utter apochromat,
    and will not mind if and when I do see a spot of color here and there...

    ....but only a spot, and only here and there.

    As a matter of fact, I've done very, very little observing since I got it
    at the beginning of July, and due to the constant rains, and to the point
    that I'm surprised we haven't slid off of our lot into the road. No matter,
    as I've sent the O.T.A. to Houston for an...assurance check...

    <sticks thumb in mouth>


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    Default Vixen vs. Tak

    Alan W. Craft <> wrote in message news:<>. ..

    I got a Discovery 8" f8 "Mars Observer" dob in about 3 weeks ago. Got
    in some quick views of Mars so far, seems to be a great scope. Not
    too portable thought, looks like a canon out front on my driveway

    The weather here in the southeast is terrible most of the summer and I
    have had 3 nights of opportunities since the Mars scope came. Last
    night, I played peek-a-boo with the clouds and Mars, only got two
    mosquito bites, not too bad of a summer night!!!!

    How much maginification will the Tak pull on Mars on an average night?


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    Default Vixen vs. Tak

    On 1 Sep 2003 17:12:00 -0700, (david) ...reflected:

    You mean either an f/6 or f/7, don't you? I went to Discovery's
    website, and the only f/8 they regularly offer is a 6". In any case,
    you chose well.

    Where is that exactly, as I live just south of Memphis here in
    Mississippi. The weather here has been just as terrible. In my
    39 years I can't recall the last time we were inundated by
    so much water.

    The nights are getting cooler, at last. The first things to go
    should be those teeny Count Dracula wannabes.

    Oh, I've yet to do any lengthy and/or complicated observing.
    I am looking forward to combining a good barlow with my eyepieces
    and do that very thing.

    One evening when observing Mars, I had a 5mm UO orthoscopic
    in the focuser, and with no noticeable image degradation. That would
    be 820/5 = 164x. Mars wasn't all that high in the sky, either.

    When I was looking at the Moon at partial phase with the UO 4mm...
    very nice, but I've yet to attach the JMI RA motor to do any lengthy
    observing at such higher magnifications. What with working CONSTANTLY
    combined with the bad weather, I haven't had any real opportunity to "play"
    with the scope...

    ....but just you wait...fall and winter are coming...and so's my new star atlas


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    Default Vixen vs. Tak

    Alan W. Craft <> wrote:

    Nope, he meant 8" f/8. It was a web special that Discovery offered
    earlier in the summer. I almost went for it myself until I decided to buy
    a 10" f/7.5 reflector on Astromart... now talk about beasts...


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    Default Vixen vs. Tak

    Bill is right. It was offered for a while by Discovery, got one of the
    last ones, or so I was told. It is the one shown in S&T at the
    Astronomics ad page for their contest giveaway...

    William Mc Hale <> wrote in message news:<bj17kc$nld$>...

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    Default Vixen vs. Tak

    On 6 Sep 2003 07:03:34 -0700, (david) ...reflected:

    That's true, but I read that an f/6 still doesn't require a coma
    corrector; something I'm not looking too forward to with the f/5.

    Precisely why I'm getting a fast Newtonian...

    ....and precisely why I got the FS-102.

    In the end, however, I may realise that I should've went with a Parks
    12.5" f/5 'Superior' instead.

    Is your location moderately-to-heavily light-polluted?


    I think that remains to be seen, as I'm only going on the assumption
    that it will, and based upon identical configurations within the Chinese
    'Skywatcher' and 'Orion' setups.

    What happened to it?

    I had considered that very same reflector, until I learned that the back
    was sealed, therefore requiring longer cool-down times; not to mention that
    an f/4 mirror set requires ultra-critical collimations for at least average
    performance. As I read further, I arrived at the conclusion that such
    a ratio is not for me.

    I read what you wrote within another won't be getting
    rid of your refractor, unless you replace it with another...

    How 'bout a Takahashi FS-152?

    Oh, how I would love to have one of those!

    Why, I'd get rid of everything else, and then build a...






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