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    Default Orion Expanse Wide-Field eyepieces

    Anyone have an opinion on these eyepieces? At $50 apiece and 66° apparent
    field they sound interesting.

    I have a Celestron 8" DOB (1220mm F.L f/6).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Orion Expanse Wide-Field eyepieces

    On Fri, 22 Aug 2003 00:11:48 GMT, ds penned:

    As always, useful information on eyepieces can be gleaned from
    the Excelsis ratings:

    the Cloudy Nights eyepiece reviews page:

    and through a Google groups search on sci.astro.amateur:

    Coincidentally, I just did all of that for the Orion Expanse
    eyepieces (the same eyepices are sold under different brand
    names by Scopestuff and Adorama for less money depending on
    whether you are buying the full set of 4 or not) and the
    consensus seems to be that they are pretty good, and especially
    in your case since you don't have a particularly fast f-ratio.
    My set is sitting at the FedEx ramp at Denver International
    Airport waiting to be driven to Boulder tomorrow. I'm just
    about to start two weeks of vacation and intend to give them a
    rigorous workout on at least a few nights.

    Brian Rachford

    PS - At the same price level and field of view, you should also
    consider Siebert "Standard" eyepieces:
    My 10mm Standard works well in my 6" f/8, although there is a
    considerable loss of sharpness at the edges of the field.

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    Default Orion Expanse Wide-Field eyepieces

    >Anyone have an opinion on these eyepieces? At $50 apiece and 66° apparent

    There are several vendors selling these eyepieces. The least expensive I know
    of is, 40 dollars shipped.

    I have the Adorama version of the 6, 9 and 15 mm Ultra Widefields. I use them
    in a variety of scopes including an Orion XT8, a 1200mm FL 8 incher,

    Prior to purchasing these, I used a variety of eyepieces, Plossls including a
    couple of Ultima types, some orthos and a 24mm Teleview Widefield.
    I like these eyepieces and except for the TV widefield, I rarely use anything
    else. I have measured the FOV of each eyepiece and they do seem to be 66
    degrees. They are quite similar to a good plossl in center sharpness and
    reasonably sharp to the edge. I use them for everything, planets, splitting
    doubles, and of course DSOs. My favorite is the 9mm, sharp across the FOV and
    it just does a great job IMHO.

    There are some ghosting problems with my 6 and 9 mm eyepieces, significant with
    the 6 if near the edge of view. However Rod Mollise recently acquired the 6mm
    and reports no such problems, mine were some of the first available so it seems
    as if these problems have been fixed.

    I think these eyepieces are a great value and provide nice views. An 8 inch
    DOB, a set of these and a good barlow, the only thing lacking would be a long
    focal length wide field eyepiece.

    For the thrifty astronomer, the BW-Optik 30mm 80 degree eyepiece would make a
    nice finish, if one had a 2inch focuser.


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    who? Guest

    Default Orion Expanse Wide-Field eyepieces

    Thanks again to those who responded. Great links, excellent information. I
    think I'll order a set.


    "ds" <> wrote in message

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    Tom Trusock Guest

    Default Orion Expanse Wide-Field eyepieces

    On 22 Aug 2003 07:44:22 -0700, (Shneor Sherman)

    Err - I think that's the whole point of the naglers. <g> (As I'm sure
    you know)

    For the record there are several low cost eyepiecs that are sharper
    with better contrast than the typical t1 nagler. My favorite is the
    UO ortho, but after your reports on this one Shneor, I think I'm gonna
    have to give it a try. The ortho is just a little narrow fov for
    anything but planets. Thanks for the post!


    Tom T.

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    Default Orion Expanse Wide-Field eyepieces

    Tom Trusock <> wrote in message news:<88c6dc35f993ad1f78215dc3a08117d1@news.terane>...

    Hi Tom,
    Yes, I also have a 9mm UO ortho that beats the 9mm Nagler T1 on
    everything except the FOV. But these have a more comfortable field
    than the orthos.
    Clear skies,
    Shneor Sherman

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    Default Orion Expanse Wide-Field eyepieces

    On 25 Aug 2003 17:10:17 -0700, (Shneor Sherman)


    For the money, it si very hard to beat those little orthos for
    just pure, clean image. I do think some of the better, top of th
    eline eyepeices do match the othos for sure, but then you are also
    paying for the wide feild fo view, better eye releif, etc.
    But yes, for just a good, clean, sharp image of Mars, the
    orthos are great.
    the oen exception I am waiting to see is the new TMB
    Monocentrics - I ahve a 6mm on order, and hope it gets to me in time
    to use on Mars.



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