"Gary Heath" <garyheath@NoSPAM.net> wrote in message

The T6's are surprisingly small, while providing 12mm of eye relief. If
you'll notice in the pictures, the tops are not much larger than the 1.25"
barrel. On the downside, the field lens is near the end of the barrel, and
within accidental reach of fingers, and 12mm of eye relief sounds like a
lot, but in practice, you end up pretty close to the eye lens in order to
see the full field.

I have the 13, 9, and 7. In my XT10, they reveal some lateral color on
bright objects at the edge. Most notably on planets. However, there is
little to no impact from this on planet surface detail, and I accept the
penalty for the extra hang time in my undriven scopes.

I don't know how happy I'd be with these in a binoviewer. They aren't really
a super comfortable eyepiece, like the Panoptics, Radians, or Pentax Xx. Eye
position is a little more critical with the T6's. They are optically supreme
though. Excellent contrast, minimal internal reflections from your eye, and
super wide.

- Stephen