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    Yep. The Party of Lincoln did that, although I'm still mad at some of the other
    stuff they did at the time! :-)

    TR was basically an Independent with his Bullmoose Party, right?

    Reagan had a hand in that. But so did Kennedy, Johnson, Truman and Eisenhower.

    Well, I'm not sure that the record is very clean for either party when we
    examine what was done in Central America in the 80s. Far too often during the
    Cold War both parties embraced the most hideous tyrants because they were
    "anti- communist."

    The German People did that.

    The verdict is still out on that.

    Me? Democrat? Republican? No...I still embrace the WILD party. ;-)

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    Default A BIG UP TO ORION (Coppy Littlehouse) wrote in message news:< com>...

    And you learned your "history" from where? Rush? Anne Coulter?




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