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"Aperture always wins" You here that a lot around these parts and while it
is true, there are other things to consider. You are asking the right
questions. I went the aperture rules route and got a 10" dob. Lots to see,
but for me, the lack of tracking was a big detractor. So, I built an
equatorial platform for it for about $130. Not as hard to build as I first
expected and a lot cheaper than buying a good one new. What I learned is
that I love tracking. Now I have a taste for goto and have a GEM goto mount
on order that can hold the 10" OTA. We'll see how that treats me. I really
enjoy the simplicity of a dob on an eq platform.

I went to a star party a couple weeks ago and saw folks setting up their
goto systems and got a little nervous about the whole gem/goto thing. But
just one fellow was having trouble. The other 2 folks seem to get things up
and running fairly quickly, but not as fast as all the dob users. So the
price for full goto seems to be extra setup time and added complexity.

So, can you visit your local astronomy club? You will learn more in one
night than a year of internet research could provide. You also get to meet
a lot of people that you will never recognize in daylight. Kindof the
great equalizer, you don't have to worry about what you wear or how your
hair looks

Keep us informed.

Clear skies,