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    Default The Edge of the Universe

    "optidud" <> wrote in message om...

    I think my sanity.

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    Default The Edge of the Universe

    It's turtles . . . turtles all the way down.

    Joe S. wrote:

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    Default The Edge of the Universe

    If the Universe goes on and on forever with billions and billions
    of galaxies existing without end. And human is the only lifeform
    in the universe. Do you think someone is playing a mind trick on us.

    However, if there is life out there. It doesn't necessarity need
    to be organic like us. An inorganic being composed of let's say
    Dark Matter should exist, isn't it... or beings that can exist in
    pure energy form.

    I remember a scientist said that when the universe uses up its
    supply of energies and chemicals can no longer be formed. Then
    beings composing of exotic matter or energy can evolve.

    What would stop them from existing or evolving in some part of
    the universe right now.

    Astronomy is such a mind boggling field indeed. It makes you
    wonder long after you finish putting back the lens cap of the SCT.


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    Default The Edge of the Universe

    Well, life, or lifeforms, are a biological question, is it not? (OT)
    No matter...astronomy tends to get out of its field occasionally...
    philosophy, religion, biology, etc.

    Ahhhh...astrobiology....the field (course) without a subject. (us excepted).
    Well, some of us feel that we are first and probably alone....others do not.
    I am in the former camp based on the premise that with a lifespan
    of 100 trillion years or more, the Universe at 'only' ~ 15 billion years
    old just began 'last week' so we are very lucky to be here this early.
    We could even be 'the first'.....who knows?
    Perhaps we hit the "BIG" lottery....the life lottery, as we
    happened to form up where there was an over-abundance of the 3% heavy
    elements....that's right...97% of this Universe is still hydrogen
    and I think our Universe still has a long way to go.

    But billions of stars, you say? Well, look how many people buy
    the Power Ball lottery ticket....yet there is only one or two winners
    every 4 or 5 months, or so, winning 300 million dollars. Meanwhile,
    billions of tickets are sold....with no winners. By that I mean,
    sheer numbers of stars is a meaningless quantity, IMHO....besides, they
    are all made out of mostly.....hydrogen and helium....pretty tough to
    get life out of just H and He. And those Jupiter-sized extra-terrestrial
    planets they discover every week.....well, what are they and Jupiter
    made up of? Mainly hydrogen and helium, right?
    Points to ponder on a cloudy Saturday night.
    And as far as dark matter....we don't even know what it is one
    cannot even hypothesize about something one does not even know what it I won't even go there. Same for lifeforms of pure energy,
    probably requiring 50 billion years to evolve to that not
    nearly enough time has elapsed to even consider it...even if it is
    possible...which frankly, I just don't know. Been watching too many
    old Startreks lately?

    And even if there are perhaps a few other lifeforms out far
    away? 1000 ly? How make contact? By what mechanism? What time frame?
    How many thousands of years wait for a reply? Are 'they' even interested?
    Whales, dolphins, apes, penguins, and kangaroo's would not be
    interested, would they?
    And neither would worms, bacteria, moss, trilobites, or viruses.
    Our radio signals might be passing by 'deaf, uncaring, ears.'
    We may never know.
    Perhaps "WE" are here first to colonize the Milky Way, after all, did He
    not say...."Go Forth and Multiply..."? You really think that
    He, knowing the Big Picture, that He was simply referring to this
    crummy, little, insignificant 8000 mile rock we live on, do you?
    Perhaps we already have our "Marching Orders" (our main purpose for
    being here) from Above... Galaxy colonization. (Point to ponder on a
    cloudy Friday night).:-)
    Clear Skies,
    Tom W.

    optidud wrote:

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    Default The Edge of the Universe

    >It's a great elephant standing on the back of a turtle. Now figure out what

    It's turtles all the way down!

    Rod Mollise
    Author of _Choosing and Using a Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope_
    Like SCTs and MCTs?
    Check-out sct-user, the mailing list for CAT fanciers!
    Goto <>

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    Default The Edge of the Universe

    In article <>,
    Rod Mollise <> wrote:

    The surface of the Earth _is_ the edge of the Earth..... :-)

    Paul Schlyter, Grev Turegatan 40, SE-114 38 Stockholm, SWEDEN
    e-mail: pausch at stockholm dot bostream dot se

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    Default The Edge of the Universe

    I wonder what was responsible for the Big Bang. Was it "God" who
    tossed the bomb which exploded into the Big Bang. If so, then
    God is a terrorist, no wonder our world is obsessed with terrorists!
    Heheh... Just kidding!

    Seriously. I read that the Big Bang originated from something
    smaller than an atom, which contains all matter of the universe.
    This may seem like fairy tale, isn't it.

    What's the consensus now of the theory of what happened before
    the Big Bang, like what created the explosions. If the Big Bang
    has validity, then the Edge of the Universe is the periphery
    of the explosion. I wonder what can it hit beyond the edge.

    Anyway. My comment on the Big Bang theory is that since
    space/time is in higher dimension and time doesn't exist,
    perhaps the atomic size stuff which created the Big Bang are
    distributed holographically.. like the same subatomic particles
    are what make up all the subatomic particles in the universe
    (since the same particles are timeless hence can exist all at
    once). I'm trying to comprehend the Bohm non-local quantum
    interconnectedness. I've seen it worked for real in quantum
    energy signature interaction in human energy field. And I'm
    still trying to understand it. You know what is the implications of
    the application of the quantum interconnected. It means
    by collecting and lining up the non-local particles in a certain way.
    An interdimensional portal can be created that would allow
    passage of a physical object from one location to another,
    even light years apart. This would avoid the need to find and
    enter a hypothetical wormhole doorway in space just to cross
    the distance.


    bwhiting <> wrote in message news:<>...

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    Default The Edge of the Universe (optidud) wrote in message news:< com>...

    Not necessarily. During the late 1980s, my home island, St. Thomas,
    was pummelled by a series of powerful "bombs." When all was done, a
    mountain had been leveled and cast into the sea, and as a result, we
    now have an airstrip long enough to accommodate wide-body jets. :-)

    Not all "bombs" are terrorist, and "God's bomb" is actually the most
    *constructive* device ever.

    Can't be a fairy tale, unless i'm a nihilist. (There's something to
    be said for the anthropic argument, heh, heh.)

    There is no consensus. Go wild!


    But time *does* exist. Changing a theory about something doesn't
    cause it to vanish.

    Perhaps time is a holograph.

    Do you happen to know a dude by the name of Stephen Hawking?

    Then all we would need is a universal translator...

    But what's so bad about a quick star hop to Bajor?

    Clear skies!

    ------------------- Richard Callwood III --------------------
    ~ U.S. Virgin Islands ~ USDA zone 11 ~ 18.3N, 64.9W ~
    ~ eastern Massachusetts ~ USDA zone 6 (1992-95) ~
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    Default The Edge of the Universe

    bwhiting wrote:

    Actually, it IS science (at least, it's the "queen" of science -
    matematics but it takes the right language to think about it - some
    basic multidimensional topology, differential geometry, and measure
    space theory; but it's not translatable to English. However it IS fully
    testable - since the appropriate mathematical constructs of the universe
    can predict expected results of possible observations, which
    observations can then be carried out: cutting edge astronomy is exactly

    In fact, thinking about it in English leads one down the very same blind
    alleys to which you allude - the idea that there must be "something" to
    expand into; the idea that if the universe started with a big bang,
    there must be something "before;" the idea that if the universe is
    finite, it must have an "edge" or something "beyond;" - all are
    non-ideas when the proper language is used.

    None of which affects the beauty in the observations we AA make every
    evening ...

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    bwhiting Guest

    Default The Edge of the Universe

    Oh, I didn't take it that way at all, Chris...maybe flame was the wrong
    word...sorry about that.....I'm rather new at this stuff;
    I realize it was all in good fun and good conversation..I didn't take
    it personally at all, in fact....And I totally agree with you...there
    in fact, may well have been 'no prior' prior to the BB...and nothing
    that we are expanding into...just another proposal, You well could be
    correct.....but we just really don't know.
    (And IMHO, probably will never be able to find out).
    Clear Skies,
    Tom W.

    Chris L Peterson wrote:


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