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    Default High Quality Orthos

    I'm considering purchasing an ortho or two for planetary viewing and I'd
    like to here opinions on the different brands currently available. FYI, I
    know the Zeiss Ortho's are fantastic but I'm not about to pay the after
    market prices that are being asked.

    Brian A

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    Edward Guest

    Default High Quality Orthos

    Hi Brian,
    The Pentax smc orthos are close contenders to the Zeiss, actually preferred
    by some. Last I heard you could still buy a new 7mm from Markus at APM for
    $195. The rest of the series tend to go for $200-225 except the 5mm which
    is rare and can sell for $300 or more. Pentax also has an XP series,
    developed for eyepiece projection, but very good for visual work on the
    planets. The new Pentax XO's are out now in 5 and 2.5 mm. I haven't seen
    any reviews on them. K Kohki makes a great ortho sold by University Optics
    and others for around $60. These are surprisingly good and the best buy.
    My experience and of people I've talked with is that they out perform just
    about any more complex ocular available in terms of planetary detail. The
    new University HD Orthos are reported to be a slight improvement. Check out
    these sites:

    Happy hunting,

    "Brian A" <> wrote in message

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    Default High Quality Orthos

    On Mon, 21 Jul 2003 01:30:30 GMT, "Brian A" <> ...reflected:

    I am just about to place an order for a couple of University Optics
    orthoscopics, a 1.25" 5mm and 7mm. I'll probably order the 9mm and
    the 12.5mm, too, but on my next paycheck.

    I've researched orthoscopics 'til I'm blue in the face, and have at last
    decided upon these. They're made in Japan by Kokusai Khoki.

    O! If only Pentax hadn't've(a double-contraction, folks) ceased
    production on their much-lauded SMC .965" orthoscopics!

    It's times like this when you earnestly wish for a time machine, and to
    the point where you're almost convinced that it ~IS~ possible...

    Yes! I am travelling that little shop...ooooooooooo, there
    they are...glistening in the case...and reduced down to $19.95 each!

    ....simply because no one wants .965" oculars anymore!


    "Wake up, Alan! Wake up!"


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    Rob Guest

    Default High Quality Orthos

    If you're on a budget, go for the UO orthos, or the newer UO HD orthos.
    The HDs are slightly improved.
    They are great performers.

    If $$ is no object look into the brand new TMB Monocentric eyepieces which
    are just coming out. TMB and APM sell them. They are on the verge of being
    delivered for the first time. Initial test reports are promising. Ar
    they claim no-compromise planetary performance with modern glass and the
    best polish and coatings. The caveat is small AFOV of about 35 deg.

    Just my inputs,

    "Alan W. Craft" <> wrote in message

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    Brian A Guest

    Default High Quality Orthos

    Thanks for your input. I decided to go with a 9 & 12mm UO HD ortho. I also
    picked up a nagler 3-6 zoom on Astromart.

    Brian A

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    Edward Guest

    Default High Quality Orthos

    You can't go wrong with either, provided they are reasonable focal lengths
    for your scope(s).


    "Brian A" <> wrote in message

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    Default High Quality Orthos


    The University Optics orthos are great. I have the whole set and am
    very pleased with there performance.

    Refer to and root down to eyepieces and check them
    out. Also I beleive cloundy nights has a good review.

    Also in this thread the Nagler 3-6mm zoom is mentioned . It is also
    very good holds its own with the orthos except at 6mm and found the
    ortho to be a little sharper but a very good perfomer.


    On Mon, 21 Jul 2003 01:30:30 GMT, "Brian A" <>



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