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    Default Sunday AM report

    Sunday 7/20/03 Early AM

    Just after midnight I checked the sky,
    it was clear, but a bit of wind still
    blowing, so I took a bit of sleep. Got
    up at about 2:30am, had me a cup of
    coffee and went outside, as I had figured
    the wind was down to just a tiny 1mph
    at most.

    So I uncovered Babylon 8 and took it out
    to the metal cover in the center driveway
    for the waste tanks, it's the one smooth
    level spot in the whole park and in the
    area where I have a more or less fair
    view of the sky from east to west overhead.

    By this time Mars was due south and higher
    than the trees, on the edge of the light
    dome from Palmdale/Lancaster. Because the
    scope is outside 24/7, it's always near the
    outside temp, no cooldown needed, so I got
    my lineup of EP's ready and started catching
    some light.

    The closest view of Mars came with the 4.8mm
    nageler, I took a bit of time getting the best
    view with it, my mount is not as smooth as I'd
    like it yet, so I still have work to do. What
    I had to do was get Mars just out of sight and
    left it drift across the FOV, adjusting the
    knobs until I got as clean a view as I could get.
    This took time, as because of the storm that
    passed threw the High Desert, we had more humid
    air and with the warm temps, ( 80F ) the EP would
    fog up and I had to pull back to let it defog.

    Once I got the planet clear, I could see the ice
    cap, and just make out a light gray/back area
    under it that seemed to cover about 1/3 the planet.
    At one time I saw what appered to be a flash of light,
    which I figured must have been my poor eye sight
    playing tricks. I'm not sure, but I " Think " I saw a
    slight dark area near the other pole area, but with
    the Palmdale/Lancaster light dome and the stupid
    driveway lights in the trailer park, that could have
    been anything.

    Then I moved over to the moon, put the moon filter on
    and looked for stuff I've never seen yet, but
    then I switched to the new telview 17mm and the
    moon filter on it, gave a very nice view of most of
    the moon, then moved to my UO 12mm with moon filter.

    During all of this the air was so-so, I could see some
    slight movement high up and ofcourse heat was still
    coming up from the blacktop driveway too.

    The Lone Sidewalk Astronomer of Rosamond ( GROUNDED )

    Shot PS. July 20th 1969 Man Lands on the Moon
    Happy Birthday Apollo 11

    "In this universe the night was falling,the shadows were lengthening
    towards an east that would not know another dawn.
    But elsewhere the stars were still young and the light of morning
    lingered: and along the path he once had followed, man would one day go

    Arthur C. Clarke, The City & The Stars

    Bishop's Car Fund
    Freelance Writers Shop

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    Default Sunday AM report

    Hi Starlord,

    You wrote:

    I'm not sure, but I " Think " I saw a
    slight dark area near the other pole area

    Sounds like you may have viewed the area which bears the wonderful name of

    Take a look at the following website for lots of info on viewing Mars:

    .. . .Martin



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